Florida Sinkhole

It's more than 200 feet, 100 feet wide and close to 100 feet deep and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, a wall cracked in three separate places in a matter of minutes, a sure sign it's only a matter of time before the home is completely swallowed.

Bob May says, "I was born and raised in Florida, but I've never been this close to a sinkhole or been involved with one this intimately before."

It’s a relationship many of these neighbors don't want any part of.

Marie May, who lives 200 feet from the sinkhole, says, "I was just immediately worried about was happening under the ground. I mean, if it’s this unstable you never no how far it could go."

The hole isn't just threatening homes; it’s also contaminating the local water supply.

Mark Lander, Environmental Health Director, says, "The surface water can carry a lot of bacteria and contaminates, so those contaminates are being taken down into the sink and entering our groundwater where we take drinking water from."

Crews are already working very hard to sandbag swamp areas to prevent further contamination of the aquifer, and there's still a lot of work left to be done.

Bill Gootee, Columbia County Sheriff, says, "Even though they've put in over 4,000 sandbags to try to slow the water down, it’s still coming at a pretty good pace."

It’s forcing health officials to issue a "boil water" notice for nearby residents.

Columbia County sheriff's deputies say they will continue monitoring the sinkhole. They have also issued a voluntary evacuation of the 11 mobile homes near the hole.