Tax Return Increase

Even if you haven't filed your taxes yet you could also become eligible for a nice refund check.

Tax season is a time that many Americans dread, but according to the latest numbers, more Americans are enjoying a larger return this year.

Linda Evers shares, "Yes, I've seen a lot of that because it’s based on the limits for the earned income tax credit we’ve raised this year as well as the child tax credit becoming payable in amounts of $1,000 per eligible child."

The tax experts say the best news for many local working families is that many of these changes which have resulted in bigger returns this year should be around next year as well.

The tax professionals say getting your taxes done early will not only save you time when trying to avoid the rush at the post office, but it could also help you get a better return at the same time.

Evers adds, "The closer it gets to the deadline, the more congested it gets and preparers will not have a lot of time to concentrate on a lot of the little things that could help the tax return, so yeah, come in soon."

And if the tax code works like it has for many folks, you could become part of the growing number of Americans enjoying larger tax returns this year.

Local retailers also say they are seeing more people come in to spend their refund checks on items like cameras and TVs.