On Second Thought...

A beer bottle that lies near Shiver Elementary School adds a sense of irony to an ongoing incident there. Nine eighth graders were caught drinking alcohol on campus last month.

Paul Pickles, Assistant Principal, says, "The students went to tribunal. They were found guilty and they recommended to follow board policy."

The board policy says this offense warrants expulsion.

Heather Morrell says the punishment is too extreme. She knows the parent of a student involved.

Heather says, "She's more angry now than upset. Her son's an ‘A’ student and this is just one mistake."

The punishment has become a source of contention among many parents who say it's not fair.

About a week ago, a group of Cairo High School seniors were allowed to finish out the rest of the school year at an alternative school for a similar incident. They were caught drinking out of town on a school function. Now, the School Board is considering changing the Shiver students' punishment.

Grady County's superintendent of schools declined to talk on camera but says, "The parents have appealed the tribunal's decision of expulsion and the board will enroll the students in an alternative school."

Wooten also says there are no winners in what's taken place in the past couple of weeks, but says the community will pull together in this tough time and move on.