Clean Sweep

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You may have seen lots of folks doing some yard work outside Saturday in the great weather we had. Some of them may have been doing more than just personal spring cleaning.

The temperatures are a little warmer now and the days a little longer, so that means it's time for spring cleaning. In Tallahassee we have something that takes spring cleaning a step further. It's the "Super Clean Sweep,” but the project involves more than just picking up trash.

Bradford Lewis says, "We also do some beautification projects. We've done some projects where we plant plants, plant flowers, landscape timbers, anything to really take an area that was not as pretty before and try to improve it."

Improving and cleaning about 30 different sites around the capital city, volunteers of all ages lend a hand to the project.

Bill and Ruby Smith say, "They gave us this area because I go to Walgreen’s to get medications and this road is just littered and trash just bothers me.”

Some of the sites for the Clean Sweep project include schools like Raa Middle School where parents, teachers and students have joined forces to beautify their environment.

Ladonna Wagers says, "We plan this to be a continuing thing. We plan to do this every year and we would like to get the students involved through their classes."

Parents also say they hope their students learn the value of keeping their school and community clean.