Capable Playground

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Your typical playground is not always equipped for children with special needs.

The Valdosta Junior Service League is making sure all children have a place to play. There's only one place in the Azalea City for handicapped children to play, and that's why the Valdosta Junior Service League is raising money for another handicap accessible playground.

The league will pay for a new playground by partnering with local businesses who will then donate profits they earned on Saturday.

Sheldon presser, owner of Fox's Pizza Den, tells us, "I'm blessed not to have any immediate family members with special needs, but I do know of children who do have handicaps and disabilities, so if we can help in our small way, we're more than happy to help."

Because of this fundraiser, a redeveloped Barber Park will soon be home to a handicapped friendly playground like the one at Valdosta's McKey Park.

"Parents who've been taking part in this program by shopping at participating businesses say this type of effort is long overdue and it will go a long way in helping improve the lives of children all around our region."

Melanie Godwin says, "Every child deserves the chance to play and have fun and that's why these parks are such a good idea. All the children can come out and enjoy the park and it doesn't matter if they are handicapped, they won't be looked at any differently than anyone else."

It’s helping provide a new way for local handicapped children to have fun just like the other children their age. It will take several days for the Valdosta Junior Service League to find out how much money the effort raised.