The Sound of Mucus

This is a phone call all too familiar for Fran Willis of Thomas Drug Store. On the other end is a customer too sick to leave the bed and calling to order medicine.

Fran says, "She has bad allergies with a cold. I sent her a few things yesterday. It did seem to help, but it didn't take care of all the symptoms."

Local pharmacists say things are normal in Thomasville, but the warm spell this winter has triggered early allergies in some places. The AP reports allergy medicines flying off the shelves for pharmacists in Atlanta, allergies not caused by pollen, but mold.

Al Stone, a pharmacist at Thomas Drug Store, says, "In the northeast they have more problems because if you have warm days and the snow melts, the mold from the rotting leaves start(s) to get in the air and cause a lot more allergies."

Stone says there's no real threat for a surge of allergies here right now, but one thing's for sure: Stone says allergy season is typically worse in the southeast region of the country, and that season is just around the corner.