Double Murder-Suicide Strikes Small Valdosta Neighborhood

Folks on Tyndall Drive were in shock to wake up Friday morning to flashing lights and police knocking at their doors.

A neighbor says, "I was really surprised. I was totally surprised when he said two people were dead and it was crazy because we could just walk right down the street."

Police found 40-year-old Tammy Jones and her 18-year-old daughter Tasha Miley shot to death by Tammy's husband.

Leroy Holden, neighbor, adds, "It's shocking to me because it's just around the corner from my house and my kids walk past here at the same time, so it could have happened at any time."

Police say after shooting his wife and stepdaughter, Marvin Jones got in his car and headed to his childhood home. Deputies responded just minutes after Marvin shot himself in the head.

CAPT Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police Department says, "Mr. Jones actually spoke with one of the deputies and indicated that he has something seriously wrong."