Tallahassee Apartment Building Fire

The good news is no one is injured. The exact cause of the apartment fire remains a mystery.

Marvin Beasley, an eyewitness, says, "I just heard some people yell: ‘call 9-1-1, call 9-1-1.’ "

Fire ripped through building 319 of the Mabry Village Apartments. Eight separate families are affected; four families living in the front, four in the back, but investigators say the front four apartments were hit the hardest.

The loss is estimated at about $150,000.

CAPT Rod Jones with the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "It appears the fire started in the bottom apartment and then converged on to the second floor. We were able to get a line at the bottom apartment and at the top apartment, get it extinguished fairly quickly."

Frances Godfrey and her daughter live upstairs. A quiet afternoon of washing dishes turned to panic, when Godfrey smelled smoke.

Frances says, "When I came to the door, I seen all this smoke and I couldn't hardly see, so I got my daughter and I just ran out and the porch was all hot, and when I looked downstairs, it was on fire."

Officials say though no one was injured, a number of pet hamsters and cats were lost. The property manager says those living in building 319 will be placed in other apartments on site.

Officials with the Capital Area Red Cross will be assisting those residents with temporary shelter, food, clothing and mental counseling. Anyone wishing to help these families can contact the Red Cross at 850-878-6080.