There's No Place Like Home

When Joanne Lawrence came to Florida last December, she was homeless and in need of medical attention.

“It's a hard thing to have to face, being homeless, where you're out they, you think, my god, I'm really homeless," she says.

But now Joanne will be living with hope. She's one of more than 15 people who will live in the first dormitory opened on the campus of the Hope Community built on Pensacola Street by the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless and many others in the community.

"Here you've got so much more going for you. I hope more girls will be coming," she adds.

The Hope Community will be a home to men, women and children who don't have one. The community run by the coalition will help the residents get jobs, learn more skills and eventually become independent.

Kay Freeman of the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless says, "The bottom line is making a difference for our community, helping people who need it and want to change their lives."

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks says, "A community is judged by the way it addresses those amongst us with the least. We have to do that, and this is an effort to help those in need."

The coalition estimates Tallahassee will see more than $250 million in economic returns over 20 years from Hope Community, but says the real value is priceless.

There are six more buildings still under construction, including a dorm for men. Those buildings should be done in the next two months.