Betting On It

Poker is almost everywhere you turn. Even celebrities on television are taking a seat at the table.

On Tuesday, voters in Hamilton County, Florida will decide if they too want in on the action with a special referendum to add a card room to the Hamilton Downs Jai-Alai now under construction.

Bobby Poor, County Economic Developer, says, "Around 100 jobs will arrive at the poker room or card room. Then as you spin out from there, we just don't know how many jobs it will create, so we're looking at this as a catalyst for economic development in the county."

While there remain a lot of visual signs of support around the county for folks to vote "yes" on Tuesday's referendum, some longtime residents say they simply do not want to see a card room added to the construction. The opposing residents say they are proud of the new jobs the Jai-Alai will bring, but they don't want to see further expansion.

Rosalie Allison, who doesn't support card room addition, says, "I've seen signs that say 'more jobs for the county' and we certainly need that, but I don't think this is the way to go."

Despite those objections, some predict an easy win in favor of the added card room.

Poor says, "Just a guess, this is not an official viewpoint, but I think this measure will pass by a vote of two to one just like the last referendum did."