"Collegiate Challenge:" The Alternative Spring Break

Granted it's not South Beach or Cancun, college students couldn't be more excited about spending their spring break with hammers, nails and a whole lot of wood. It's Valdosta's Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge and it’s attracting college kids from all over the nation.

Stuart Mullis of Habitat for Humanity Valdosta says, "We're kind of an attractive spot with the sunshine shining the way it is and this warm weather. We got a group from Philadelphia and they said it was like 31 when they left and that this was the greatest place on Earth."

Folks in Valdosta might tend to agree especially after seeing three new homes built from the ground up in the next three weeks. It's thanks to a lot of hard work and some generous spring breakers.

Megan Morris of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA says, "It's something very concrete that I can work on and know that I'm helping someone and making a big difference in somebody's life."

Patrick Shaw of the University of South Carolina at Aiken says, "Well, it’s nice meeting the other people here and I'm also learning how to build a roof right now, so it’s fun learning how to do that."

Mullis adds, "It's an area that really needed some uplifting and we're going to build some nice new homes down here and put a nice new face on this community."

It’s a community that's also helping these students learn a little something about themselves too.

Charles Dyson of Widener University in Chester, PA says, "I'm hoping to learn about my work ethic like how hard I can really work."

It’s work that means a new beginning for three families in Valdosta.