Middle School Fight

Nearly 20 students were involved in a fight at James A. Shanks Middle School Monday, and some of them have already been suspended.

The principal of Shanks has enlisted help from students trying to find ways to curb school violence. Now, she'll turn to parents for help.

James A. Shanks Middle School is home of the “Fighting Tigers” and students there are living up to that name. Early Monday morning some 20 students were involved in a brawl in the school courtyard.

School officials believe the fight may have started over the weekend and trickled down to campus.

Principal Rosalyn Smith says, "From the altercation we are in the process of doing an investigation, taking witness statements some of the students who were immediately identified as those perpetrators have been suspend from school.”

Administrators will be contacting the parents of the involved students to inform them of the fight that took place. They also plan on meeting with parents to find a way to curb violence on school property.

Assistant Principal Charles Fuller says, "We want to send a strong message not only to our students, but to our community that this will not be tolerated at James A. Shanks Middle School. Our role here is to educate children, and that is what we intend to do."

School officials could not specify how many students have been suspended. They are still investigating. Fights are not new on the Shanks campus. The principal is working diligently to stop violence on campus and they're hoping that change the image of the school.