Beware of Counterfeit Cash

Fifties, twenties and tens are a small portion of bogus bills circulating in Cairo, worthless money that clerks at one convenience store paid no attention to.

Sandi Thomas, manager of Jack Rabbit Foods, says, "It looked so real, the color. We matched it to another and got to investigating it more."

And sure enough, it was a fake $50 bill.

Sandi says, "We can't get credit for it, my clerks are scared."

Investigators say drugs are the source of this money. They say someone is making this money to buy drugs on the streets.

Johnny Myers of the Cairo Police Department says, "Rather than getting stuck holding the bad money, you have people that take these bills to convenience stores and fast food places during busy times, make purchases and go out the door with the change."

Myers says some of the money is of very poor quality, such as one particular bill on double-sided paper.

Myers adds, "Something clerks should be aware of is the Federal Reserve has added security features to new bills."

They are noticeable features like color shifting ink, and if held up to the light, a watermark of a picture can been seen on the right side, things Thomas says she has all of her clerks checking for.

Thomas says, "We're doing all we can to protect ourselves now."

She says so she won't be fooled twice.