Post Retirement Education at Valdosta State University

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Seniors in one local city are grabbing those backpacks and heading back to school thanks to a program called Learning in Retirement, and this program is getting seniors active in their community.

Joyce Aigen and her husband George graduated school awhile ago, but that hasn't stopped them from wanting to learn more.

George says, "One is a repeat of the news and views class, another is religion and the third is a traffic class about learning how to drive and the traffic rules."

But that's only three of 45 classes offered to seniors through the Learning in Retirement program. Education advocates say this program is a must for seniors in the area.

Joyce says, "They need the social interaction. In order to keep your mind sharp you need to learn. There's no tests, no grades, no educational requirements."

And who could argue with that?

With everything from line dancing to computer courses, organizers say this program has something for everything, and of course while the learning is very important, seniors say this program has so much more to offer.

George adds, "I made friends that I would have never made before and got information that I would have never got before in an interesting manner and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere."

If you know a senior who might need a push in the program's direction, organizers say gift certificates are available to help get that senior back in school.

Classes begin January 18. To find out more about the Learning in Retirement program, please call 229-245-6484.