Opposition Mounts Over Chiropractic School

Mounting opposition to a chiropractic school at Florida State University has advocates swarming to set the record straight.

Dr. Lance Armstrong, President of the Florida Chiropractic Association, says, "The lies and mistruths aimed at derailing the chiropractic program have reached a crescendo."

Many medical arena critics view chiropractics as a pseudo-science that can do more harm than good, yet Dr. John Van Tassel, who provides chiropractic care to FSU athletes, finds fault in that reasoning.

Dr. John Van Tassel says, "There are areas within all of health care that are non-scientific. [The] only way to fix that [is] with research, and for that we need a facility."

Creation of a chiropractic school is a historic opportunity. If given the green light it would be the first such school publicly financed in the country.

Lakendra McColumn, an FSU athlete and student, says, "This program offers students like me the opportunity to receive training at the university level and access to the same low tuition as everyone else."

Advocates argue adding a chiropractic program paves the way to upgrading the profession and meeting the growing demand for chiropractic care.