Amber Remembered

Amber Hagerman, the namesake of Amber Alert systems nationwide, went missing nine years ago Thursday. Since then, Amber Alerts are credited with finding 188 missing children, including 22 in Florida last year. One of them is little Ja'marquez Pringle.

Nine-month-old Ja'marquez Pringle is all smiles in his Looney Tunes walker and he won't even remember the November night a crook took off with his grandmother's car with him strapped in the back seat.

Rosa Snead, the baby's grandmother, says, "I was panicking. I didn't think I would really see my grandson again."

But the phone rang the next morning. Ja'marquez had been found safe and sound still in the car outside a Tallahassee apartment building. Amber Alerts were issued for him within hours of his disappearance.

Rosemary Reynolds, the baby's mother, says, "I would never think in my wildest dreams that I would ever see something like that come on TV about my own child, but I did."

Ja'marquez was one of 22 children featured in a Florida Amber Alert last year; all were recovered. And though getting this big-eyed bundle back was the most important thing, his family is anxious for an arrest.

Phil Kiracofe of FDLE says, "We do have a person of interest in the case and we're hoping that through collecting all the evidence that was found in the car that we'll connect this person to the case."

Ja'marquez's mother intends to show him the videos one day and let him know how lucky he is that an Amber Alert helped to save his life.

Another Amber Alert success story is the recovery of 12-year-old Brianna Schulteis who fled her Wakulla County home with a registered sex offender. She was found four days later near Atlanta, Georgia.