Performing Arts Kicks Off in Tallahassee

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Many communities consider the performing arts a drawing card for residents and visitors alike. In Tallahassee, a center just for the arts has been a dream for three decades. Now that dream is a step closer to reality.

The pressing questions were eloquently asked high in the Florida capital building.

Paula Smith of the Performing Arts Center Committee says, "All we have right now are questions, but they must be asked and answered before we can move forward."

Last year, the City of Tallahassee appointed a citizens committee to find out what it would take to get a performing arts center in the capital city.

"We're hard at work and our role in this first phase is research and study. What is it our community needs?"

Today, there are still no firm answers as to how much the center will cost, what it will look like or where it's going to located, but one thing is for sure: Tallahassee wants one.

Benton Delinger, a theatre project consultant, says, "For something like this to succeed, we need everyone behind it to really make it successful."

The committee and supporters says the future center will benefit even those who have no interest in the arts.

Glenda Hood, (R) Florida Secretary of State, says, "What we have found is when communities are flourishing in the arts, it creates jobs and new business."

With Seven Days of Opening Nights well on the way to being sold out, many Big Bend communities have proven there is a desire for more in the way of performing arts.

There will be a community meeting next month for the public to weigh in on the many decisions still to be made. For more information, call 850-224-2500.