Man Faces Murder Charges in Shooting Death

In September 2003, shots were fired in one neighborhood, striking and eventually killing a man.

After an extensive investigation, Valdosta police have arrested and charged 18-year-old Dantae Washington with murder and taking part in the commission of a crime.

CAPT Brian Childress, Valdosta police spokesman, says, "We can definitely say that we have significant evidence to indicate this was a gang related murder. I can also tell you that additional arrests are also forthcoming. We do have other individuals identified at this time."

Authorities say Washington was shocked and surprised when he was taken into custody and charged with murder in a case that was nearly two years old, but authorities say he should not be surprised because detectives had been working hard on this case to bring it to a close.

Childress adds, "I can tell you that when we arrested him he was surprised that we actually arrested him two years after the incident."

But officers say this should serve as a reminder that if you commit a crime you will eventually get caught.

"I hope this sends a message to anybody, whether you're a gang member or not, that if you commit a murder, we will not stop the investigation."

Police investigators say Washington could face many years behind bars if convicted on the murder charge, but Washington still faces a long court process on the charge.

Valdosta police promise more arrests in this case.