Slow Down, Speedy!

Glenwood Drive is relatively peaceful right now, but residents say the road is usually bustling with motorists and the 35-mile-per-hour speed limit ignored.

Annette Knight says, "On the weekends and evening, that's when the cars really come."

Speeding and reckless driving are complaints residents have. Annette Knight lives on the corner, a corner she says motorists treat like a racetrack.

Annette says, "If I'm backing up off my driveway, I don't have time to pull up before a car comes flying around that curve. That's a dangerous curve."

City officials want to put the brakes on the situation. A study on the area shows that only two percent of the motorists drive over 45 miles per hour, but that still sparked concern.

Steve Sykes, Thomasville City Manager, says, "The next step would be to look at the concerns addressed from trucks on the section of road, to prevent trucks, since it is a predominately residential area, and get police to pay a little more attention to writing speeding tickets, but if they're driving over 45 mph hour, they need to be slowed down."

More patrolling will begin immediately. Officials say it's not only to please residents, but also for the safety of drivers.