Flooding on Cedar Island

March 1993 marks what's known as the storm of the century. Taylor County was hit the hardest. Some residents say flooding from Monday night's thunderstorm brought back images a destructive night 12 years ago.

The day after phone calls to insurance companies and car rental companies, Melvin and Marcia Parker spent the day at their Cedar Island home cleaning their yard.

Marcia says, "Start all over again; pressure wash and pick up and clean up and, aggravating."

Melvin adds, "We were watching Channel Six and we were watching the weather report. They said we could have some high winds down here and high water. We thought we had everything prepared, so we went to bed."

But not for long; they grabbed their video camera after heavy rain and wind woke them up around one o'clock Tuesday morning.

Melvin says, "We got water in one of our cars. We lost a lot of furniture that floated across the road into the canal."

Marcia says, "It's so discouraging because you try to take such good care of things. Then here comes the water."

The Parkers say the thunderstorm was reminiscent of the winter storm that hit the area in March of 1993.

Melvin says, "We knew right after the storm of the century that we were going to have to put up with some volatile weather down here along the coast, but we knew that we loved it down here."

Taylor County received about two inches of rain, but the sustained winds in Taylor County on Monday night were measured to be just below tropical storm force.