New Library Building Fraught With Problems

The problems may not be all ironed out, but residents are eager to get down to business.

Patrons of the Lafayette County Public Library have a brand new location to check out books, but does new necessarily mean improved?

Stephen Hurd, Three Rivers Regional Library Director, says, "They had problems with the footings. It took a while for them to re-lay the cement underneath it. The sides [are] going in now and I understand there was a little leakage on one wall."

The library has been plagued with structural issues since its foundation was laid more than two years ago. The doors to this $500,000 building had not been open two weeks when it was hit with a water leak from an unknown source.

Kay Green, Library Manager, says, "It just took a while, but a lot of projects do take a while. I can't say the reasons, but everything's been pretty much worked out."

Kay Green has worked with the library system for almost 25 years. She says despite the problems, everyone has been very positive.

Kay says, "I'm just real proud of the building and I'm glad that the community has it. I'm just real happy about it."

So again, does new mean improved? When it comes to the Lafayette County Public Library, residents say “yes it does.”

The new library building has two-thirds more space, better lighting and a community room.