The Benefits of Breast Feeding

To some people breast feeding one of those words they don't want to hear, think about or definitely see, but doctors say that's an attitude that needs to change for the benefit of new mothers and their babies.

These women are part of a breast feeding support group that meets twice a week.

Jodi Stock says, “It's nice because if you're not sure of what to do when you’re breastfeeding, the lactation consultant can help you get started.”

Heidi Chavers says scientifically based research is now backing what many physicians and women have known for years: breastfeeding exclusively is the best for your baby.

For starters, breast milk contains antibodies.

Heidi Chavers says, “Every time a mom is exposed to something her body immediately starts building antibodies and passes that along to help boost the baby's immune system.”

And add this to the list: breast-fed babies have fewer allergies, ear infections and lower risks of obesity later in life, and there are big benefits for moms.

Heidi says the community as a whole needs to embrace breastfeeding.

The support group also helps breast feeding moms who are getting ready to head back to work.

For the best part, this group is open to any mom, not just TMH patients, and it's free. For more information, call 850 431-4928.