School Bus Insurance

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Each day thousands of kids board buses bound for school. Parents assume their children are safe, or at least covered by insurance.

On January 7, 2005, a horrific crash clogged up a Wakulla County highway involving two school buses and an 18-wheeler. A recipe for disaster, but amazingly officials say everyone walked away safely, yet what would happen if a student were injured?

Wakulla County officials say if a student is injured while riding a school bus, their insurance would pay first, then that company has the option of suing whoever is at fault for reimbursement.

Under state law, every school district in Florida is required to cover every student that boards a bus, yet before drivers even hit the highway, the Sunshine State requires them to under go hours and hours of training to get their license.

The same holds true for Wakulla County where the proof is in the pile-up, quick thinking by well trained drivers turned a would-be tragedy into triumph.

In Florida, state law calls for school boards to cover at least $100,000 per incident. In Georgia, local boards of education are required to maintain $100,000 per person in minimum liability school bus insurance coverage.