Cemetery Theft Follow-Up

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Some very special, sentimental items were returned to their rightful owners Friday, items that were recovered by Thomasville detectives after arresting a man who stole them to fund his drug habit.

"I was hurt and angry" was Thelma Blow's reaction when she discovered someone had taken a very precious cement angel that once graced her mother's final resting place.

Thelma says, "I also prayed for the person that did it, because I felt like they needed help."

Brenda Meacham, also a victim, says, "It means a great deal. It was on my grandparents’ grave and we put it there with great joy."

They say this item represented their relative in her absence.

Meacham adds, "She was a fun loving person and on the back of it you can see the little feet sticking out and the little rear end, and we thought she'd really love that."

They weren't the only victims; other sentimental items still wait to be claimed at the Justice Center. Detectives say they've gotten dozens of phone calls about them.

Wade Glover with the Thomasville Police Department says, "Some of the calls have been out of the city from folks concerned he may have went to their area and taken things from their grave sites."

Glover says the items are mostly from Laurel Hill Cemetery, and Brenda and Thelma held back tears after getting theirs back.

Brenda says, "I'm delighted, overjoyed, we can put it back where it belongs."

Thelma adds, "I'm thrilled, we're both thrilled."

Blow says she knows her loved ones are also smiling in the heavens above. Detectives urge folks to reclaim their property within the next 30 days.

The man arrested for the theft has been released on bond and admitted to a drug rehabilitation program in Bainbridge.