Organic Architecture

2727 Municipal Way in Tallahassee is where the city manages its solid waste and recycling services, so it's only appropriate that the building itself should be recycled into what's called a “green building.”

Anja Deloach of Solid Waste Operations says, "We are currently in a building that's old and too small for our staff, so we are going to deconstruct the existing building and gut it, and use, recycle what we can and that's the first step in a green building."

Denise Digruccio, the building facilities manger, adds, "So you're looking at not only decomposing the building, but recomposing it with very similar or same material."

The city has now hired an engineer to help get the environmentally friendly project get started.

In order for the new reconstructed facility to truly be a green building, it has to be more energy efficient, more water efficient, have a high indoor environmental quality, be made of environmentally safe material, and be mostly built of recycled and reused material.

Anja Deloach says, "We're looking at putting in lots of areas with natural light, we're looking at possibly collecting rainwater to flush the toilets. We're even thinking of putting plants on the roof."

The city suggests another big plus for the green building. It will save taxpayers money in terms of paying utility bills and maintenance.