Faith-Based Dollars for Failing Schools

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About 100 members from community and faith-based organizations attended a workshop Friday to find ways to get state funding to help students in the rural community.

School officials say Florida has $67 million readily available for those organizations.

Reginald James, Superintendent of Gadsden County Schools, says, "Many of them have tried to establish their own after school programs, but they're limited in their funding, so these efforts will help access the dollars so they will have the necessary funds to build top first-rate after school programs."

They are programs that could make a world of difference, turning failing schools into passing ones, but organizers say the community has to play a major role in helping them achieve that goal.

Rev Ken Scrubbs, outreach pastor at First Baptist Church, says, "By working and by coming together and being a part of the big picture of changing, it will make it better for children. Just making a decision, I'm going to do whatever it is I need to do, and it starts with an individual."

It starts with individuals who can turn the tides of success if they rally together, supporting these students in their quest for excellence.