Moody AFB Donates Computers to Local Schools

Every four years, computers at Moody Air Force Base are replaced, leaving hundreds of perfectly good computers ready for the trash, but thanks to a change in federal law back in 1996, the base can now give their working computers away, and when looking for a needy group, the base found the Lanier County school system.

Brian Hunt with Lanier County schools says, "Computers in the Classroom program was cut a few years ago, and so it’s left us limited in the amount of technology equipment we can purchase, so a donation from Moody Air Force Base like this really helps out a lot."

The airmen who helped make this donation possible say it’s a great way to show south Georgia students what the Air Force is all about.

Lt. Col. Kevin Mastin with the 479th Operations Squadron says, "A lot of the news has been focused on the war in Iraq and in the War on Terrorism, but this is a chance to let kids know that hey, there are other things we're doing out here, and not only are we here to defend the nation, but we're here to take care of our own in our own country."

This major computer donation will help the entire Lanier County Georgia school system in a variety of ways.

Hunt adds, "This will cover our whole high school and middle school with equipment they can use, anything from student stations to teacher stations or multimedia stations."

It’s helping to provide a better education for years to come.