Cops Hit the Jackpot in Meth Lab Bust

Evidence of a meth lab, four adults, and two children is what Thomas County narcotics agents found in a Red Tip Estates trailer home on Thursday night. The adults were arrested and charged with criminal attempt to manufacture methamphetamines.

LT Tim Watkins of the Thomas County Sheriff's Department says, "The four individuals that were arrested will additionally be charged with cruelty to children. Two counts each, because there were two kids present at the time [at] the meth lab while the meth was being made."

Agents say Marty Brumbley admitted cooking meth in his home. His wife, Tammy Brumbley, along with Mario Cedeno and Ben Burget, were also in the residence and arrested, but are not admitting anything.

Buddy Rhoden, Thomas County Narcotics Agent, says, “We had been looking for these guys for a while because we had been getting information that they had been cooking. At this point and time we're still investigating as far as the distribution."

Agents say no finished meth product was found in the residence, but the penalty for manufacturing is the same as distribution.

All arrested have spoken with the public defender and agents say the case is now in the hands of the district attorney.