Traffic Jam Trouncing

Traffic engineers are looking at the most cost effective ways of improving travel, and the engineers say it all starts with moving traffic on one-way streets in a clockwise pattern around the VSU campus.

Von Shipman, Valdosta City Engineer, says, "The need to make improvements around VSU is necessary before other changes take place in the city. We've met with the VSU president and his people and have basically sold them on this concept. We can implement these improvements during the summer."

Students at VSU say they regularly have to deal with traffic jams around their growing campus. Students agree with city leaders who say something has to be done to help improve the traffic flow for years to come.

Nikki Ridley, a VSU freshman, says, "I try not to drive because how heavy traffic is. It's hard to get to class on time unless you leave extra early."

Engineers say improving traffic flow isn't just about improving commute times, but improving the overall quality of life.

The traffic improvement plan must be approved by the Valdosta City Council, and engineers expect work to begin in early summer.