Commission Votes Yes on Affordable Rental Homes

Within the past week the City of Tallahassee has seen great strides in the fight against homeless with the Hope Community opening its first family dormitory, and now the commission voting to donate land and money which will be used for the construction of affordable rental homes.

Jim Freeman, Executive Director of Lutheran Social Services, says, "We were very fortunate for receiving a half-million dollar grant from the federal government, and unfortunately it requires a dollar to dollar match. The city has graciously given us a quarter million dollars and nine building sites."

Freeman says the $500,000 and the land will be put to good use for a particular group of people in need.

Freeman says, "We'll be building efficiency apartments for chronic disabled homeless people."

Andrew Gillum of the City of Tallahassee Commission says, “I’m very excited about the news. Our neighborhood and community services folks worked very hard to find these awesome opportunities for the citizens in our community."

The nine lots are located all over the city on California, Palm Beach, Osceola, Alabama, Connecticut, Keith and Saxon Streets, plus on the corner of Joe Louis and Idaho Streets.

Construction should begin in about three or four months and those involved say the sooner the better.

Jim Freeman says, "We have folks with $550 to $560 a month income that have been living in the shelter or in the woods for years."

All together, 27 living units will be built on those nine lots all over the city.

The commission authorized an additional $200,000 for emergency home repairs, and that money will come from a particular account. Also, more money was approved to help with some different construction projects in the Frenchtown area.