Madison Students Attend Legislative Session

Several rural students are putting aside their textbooks for the day for a hands-on lesson in politics.

The kids are at the Florida Capitol meeting with legislators and watching them in action.
More than 20 fifth grade students from Madison Academy were in Tallahassee Monday learning about the legislative process and how city government works.

Aaron Brown, a student, says, "It's a pretty cool privilege because not all classes in different schools get a chance to visit the Legislature, it's pretty cool.”

The tour provided students with the opportunity to see firsthand how government operates and how bills are passed.

Abagail Blanton, a fifth grade student, says, "If we want to work in the legislation then we could learn more about it while we're still young.”

Taylor Money adds, "I hope I can go to the top floor because my dad works here and he says it's gorgeous and I hope I can learn about Legislature because when my dad come home and talks about it, I'll know what he's talking about."

While the view of the Capitol is appealing to some students, organizers are hoping this lesson in politics will impact the way they view the legislative process.

Sharron Berrain, Associate Director of the Florida League of Cities, says, "This kind of tour gives students an opportunity to understand how the Legislature works and how city government works. It helps them understand how important city government is in their lives. They are the mayor and commissioners of the future."

It’s a future that is now filled with knowledge and experience that will some day shape their future. The League of Cities sponsors a tour every year to give kids and citizens a chance to learn more about their government.