Housing Upgrades for Residents of one Thomasville Community

There's a work in progress at Thomasville's public housing complexes. Crews are busy upgrading the units so residents can live comfortably during the changing temperatures of the seasons.

Having an affordable four-bedroom apartment for her family is something Bridget Rainey says she's grateful for, but she says she deals with one major inconvenience: not having central heat and air.

Bridget says, "It's hard because you have to turn on the unit in the living room. You burn up in here first because it gets so hot in order to warm up the rooms in the back."

That won't be a burden for Rainey much longer. Thanks to a federal grant, crews are busy installing centralized systems in all of Thomasville's housing complexes.

Faircloth Homes is the third of five complexes to be upgraded in Thomasville, not only allowing residents to live comfortably, but also benefiting the Housing Authority.

James Bledsoe, maintenance supervisor, says, "The gas wall furnace, trying to heat a four-bedroom apartment with only one wall heater uses a lot of gas. The centralized unit can heat the entire apartment with much less gas. It saves energy and saves us money."

Crews are in and out of Rainey's apartment, but she doesn't mind the chaos at all.

Rainey says, "I get out of their way; I let them come in and do what they need to do."

She says the outcome is well worth it.

All five of Thomasville's public housing complexes are expected to be complete with a centralized system over the next three years. The improvements are made every fiscal year as grant money becomes available.