Mr. Food: Baking Tips

Mr. Food has a few sweet tips for us to bite into when it comes to baking the perfect cookie. Let's take a look.

Cookies are an around-the-world favorite. In England, biscuits are king. Italy has their age-old pizzelles and biscotti. In France they prefer eye-catching petit fours.

And of course, who doesn't love the simple pleasure of digging into a batch of warm out-of-the-oven all-American chocolate chip cookies? Seems every culture has one or more cookie specialties.

And if we want to fill our cookie jars with 'em, we don't have to buy a ticket to a far-off place, 'cause these tips will make us look like pretty smart cookies! We all know that we should always preheat our ovens, but we may not be aware that if a recipe calls for butter or margarine, only use the stick variety, not the tubs or the lower-fat versions.

When shaping or dropping cookie dough, we should keep the size consistent so that all cookies will be the same size too, that way they'll bake evenly.

Bar cookies will be easier to handle if we line our lightly greased METAL baking pan with foil. After baking, the foil will easily peel off before cutting our bars.

And bake batches one at a time on the middle oven rack so that the same temperature gets to all of them. When our cookies come out of the oven, remove 'em to a wire rack to cool and firm up so they'll make their way into our cookie jars and then our hands, then the nibbling and the "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"