Septic Tank Cleanup in Killearn

For years, residents of a Tallahassee neighborhood have been raising a stink about overflowing septic tanks.

Residents in certain areas of Killearn Lakes Plantation are now getting some help with their septic tank problem, and there's a new faster way to get answers about the project.

Almost two years ago people were dealing with overflowing septic tanks almost every time it rained, but now things are changing for the better.

Brad Troutman says, "Unit one as you can see behind me here, our office building happens to be the first building in Killearn Lakes unit one to receive sanitary sewer."

The Leon County Commission has been working with homeowners to help them get connected to sanitary sewer lines, eliminating septic tanks all together, but first, new sewer lines have to be built.

Jennie Khoen, Leon County spokesperson, says, "It's a very involved project and we're going to ask residents to be patient as the county works to address this problem."

Brad Troutman adds, "We're hoping and expecting this project to move along quickly and we have a lot of people waiting."

Many of those waiting will probably have questions, so the county has created a faster way to get answers.

Jennie Khoen says, "We have just launched a new website that residents can check out and learn about this project and the history of the problem and what the county is doing to address them."

The Homeowners Association says there are still a lot of unknowns in this project, but a lot of progress as well.

Brad says, "I am very excited! It's been a long time working on it, but it's here."

There are about 1,400 homes that will need to be connected, and the county says it should take about 18 months or so after construction starts.

The county has committed $5 million and homeowners would have to pay to connect to the line. The Homeowners Association says the biggest unknown right now is it’s unsure as to whether Talquin or the City of Tallahassee will be in charge of the sewer system.