Bank Robber Nabbed

A Tallahassee bank robber is nabbed after a morning holdup and it turns out he's the man police have been looking for for nearly a year.

Investigators say the man has confessed to six bank robberies. Police say they've been looking for the serial robber since last summer. Friday morning

Harold Smith's robbery spree came to an end. Officers were called to the scene of yet another robbery in Tallahassee at the Bank of America on Lake Bradford Road.

Meghann Graham, a bank customer, says, "Definitely scary. The way the world is now, anything can happen. You have to be alert. I just keep myself alert, look around at my surroundings."

Witnesses were able to give officers a description of his car. Police say 42-year-old Harold Edward Smith was caught on Mahan Drive.

CAPT Kelly Burke of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "There was a short pursuit, but then he turned down a dead end road and we were able to apprehend him without incident."

Eyewitness News was able to catch Smith on camera as he was being taken to the Leon County Jail. Smith admits to being responsible for a total of six bank robberies all on the east side of town, except this one.

DET Brice Google of the Robbery Task Force says, "Another robber got caught on the east side. He decided to change locations."

Smith can be seen in surveillance video from the last robbery wearing a cap, which police say he often did. Ultimately, it wasn't this video that did him in; it was detailed descriptions from witnesses.

Smith has been booked in the Leon County Jail. He is charged with robbery for all six incidents. Eyewitness News did cover all of the robberies.

Smith confessed to actually robbing the Capital City Bank on Mahan Drive three times, robbing once the Sunshine Bank on Mahan Drive and the Capital City Bank on Centerville Road, all since last July.