The Will to Succeed

More than 700 students are currently enrolled at James A. Shanks Middle School. Of that, some 200 of them are over the age requirement and should have been at the high school level.

It's a growing problem school officials are trying to remedy.

Principal Rosalyn Smith says, "We wanted to have the School Board assist us with the challenges of student retention from two to four years. They're students who range in ages 14, some 18-year-olds."

Jeannie Gunn, a counselor, also says, "A number of them have been repeated several times in middle school as well elementary school, and I'm sure this frustrates students and causes problems and we're doing everything at Shanks to try to assist them."

Administrators are trying to assist those students by implementing new programs that will give those kids that one-on-one help they need to succeed.

Dr. James Brown, Deputy Superintendent, says, "Some of the programs will allow the students to get double credits, and that's permissible, and of course modification format, so hopefully that will boost their self esteem and make them feel more successful.

Brown is hoping with this extra help in another environment these students may be able to graduate or catch up to their peers.