Your Future Is Waiting

Hundreds of Valdosta Middle School students packed into their school's gym for a special program called "Future Now," and school leaders say it's a great way to reach out and remind students that their future can be bright.

Principal Mark Roesch says, "When you have a group that wants to come into your school and put on a show at no cost and it's a motivational-type speech that they are giving, why wouldn't you want to do it?"

The group uses comedy and music to really reach the students with the positive message, and school leaders say if just one student benefits, it's all worth it.

Program administrators say this type of show is very important to bring to these students at Valdosta Middle School, and for that matter, they say middle schoolers around our region, because leaders say many of these children are not getting a positive message anywhere else.

Chris Musgrove, director of "Future Now,” says, "With the stuff coming from television, radio, peer pressure from their friends, we want to come in and give them a good message and we're hooking up with a lot of organizations in the community to network and get these kids on the right track."

Advocates say keeping a positive message in the minds of these students is important because these students are our future.