MLK Remembered in Havana

Millions of Americans paused Monday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who stood for peace and equality and who was willing to endure trials to achieve his goal that all mankind would be created equal.

The sound of jubilee could be heard in the streets of Havana as hundreds braved the cold to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King.

Gwendolyn Morgan Reed, a parade participant, says, "It is all about a grand celebration that brought all of Americans back together. Martin Luther King said we need to move on, and today we are moving on with all generations, and I'm just glad that this occasion is going on."

It’s an occasion filled with cars moving slowly through the streets as participants waved and smiled, all to celebrate King's dream.

Nashira Sutton says, "It means a lot to me because he's the one that said that all men should get together."

And whether it was in a wheelchair or walking with their children, this was a picture perfect opportunity for folks who are taking steps in keeping history alive.

Robert William adds, "The history of our people is not being expounded enough in our classroom. The main thing [is] let us not forget the struggle is still going on, it's not change, but it's a mind thing today."

It’s a mind that some say can be destroyed by a lack of knowledge if Dr. King's legacy is only celebrated one Monday each January

The event culminated at a local church where folks paused to reflect on what this day meant to the community.