Medical Outreach at FSU

College students heading for Jamaica on spring break hardly sounds out of the ordinary, but a group of FSU students are on their way to the country to deliver needed medical assistance.

Students with FSU's International Medical Outreach are planning a trip to Jamaica during spring break. Their mission is to deliver needed medical care and supplies to those less fortunate.

Steven Koshler says, "When we go down there what we're really looking to do is a lot of basic tests and basic screening: diabetic screening, blood pressure screening. They don't have anything, so many of them have not seen a doctor before."

The group made a similar journey to the poverty stricken country last year. They say actually setting foot on Jamaican soil is truly a life-changing experience.

Michelle Cordel adds, "They get to the office and they're so gracious and so thankful that you're there. No one is complaining. They've been sitting there for six hours and they're so happy to see a doctor, so happy to get medicine."

Of course, providing even basic medicines is still very costly. The group is always looking for help.

Steven adds, "As a group going down there, we need to take as much stuff as we possibly can, which includes prescription medicines. If anyone has access to any sort of samples in a doctor's office, anyone who is a medical rep who might be able to access that sort of stuff from a company, we're looking for that sort of stuff."

Those simple things can go a long way in helping those less fortunate.

For more information on how you can help the FSU International Medical Outreach, visit their website at