Raising the Roof

While many students enjoyed their day off from classes, student athletes were walking on rooftops and hanging from the rafters, all just part of the job for the First Annual Blazer Build Week.

Stuart Mullis, Habitat for Humanity Director, says, "This is showing a lot more out of VSU. I think it is showing the quality of people they have out there both in staff and students. They do a lot for this community. People don't see it all, but this is living witness building proof."

It’s proof that these students couldn't be more excited about helping one family own a home.

Lindsey Lloyd, a VSU softball player, adds, "It'll be nice to drive by, and when we see the family here and everything, to know that we gave it to them and that we helped them."

These athletes say building this home from the ground up is the least they can do to say thank you for years of Blazer spirit.

Brian Hurtak, also a VSU student athlete, says, "Because the community supports us so much in our games and booster money, and it’s really great for us to be able to give something back for that."

Not to mention showing community members these teams work together to win both on and off the field.