MLK Day in Monticello

In Monticello, parade-goers say they are still struggling to define equality.

It's colorful, musical, and cultural; when it comes to parades, Monticello knows how to strut its stuff. That's why hundreds were lining the streets eager to partake in the MLK festivities.

Michael Meeks, a Monticello resident, says, “MLK means the world to me. He means freedom to me.”

That freedom King is so famous for has passed down generations, but being treated the same is still a challenge in these parts. A county predominately black, it still fights hard for political leadership.

Robert Johnston says, “My father, Ernest Larry, was [the] first black mayor in Monticello.”

That was just years ago. Since then black leaders have surfaced here and there, but many residents say it's a long bumpy road to equality.

Change is never easy, but it's what Dr. King dreamed of, and theses residents believe his dream will come true.