St. Patrick's Day Parade

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St. Patrick's Day officially kicks off on the 17th of this month, but folks in Tallahassee are celebrating the holiday a little earlier with a parade, and although it was on a smaller scale, there was still plenty of enthusiasm.

It had all the basics of parade, bands playing music, marchers waving to the spectators and of course, folks throwing out candy and other favors.

Although it was a quick parade lasting just about half an hour, folks still enjoyed the good cheer and short-term entertainment it provided.

Parade watcher Douglas Brandt says, "I think I just like the community participation better than anything. It's good to see a lot of friends doing their St. Patty's Day thing."

The St. Patty's Day parade marched around Lake Ella to the surprise and delight of several folks who were just visiting the park.

Parade watchers Doug Williams and Bobbie Woodham said, "We just saw the police and they said 'well, it's a parade,’ so we decided to stick around, and Lake Ella's always a nice place to come over and exercise and then with the parade it was a really enjoyable afternoon."

The event was organized by the Tallahassee Emerald Isle Society and the Tallahassee Sligo Sister City Program. Prior to the parade, local Democrats and Republican officials gathered for some good humored roasting of each other at the American Legion.