Military Display

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A new storefront on Monroe Street in downtown Tallahassee is attracting a lot of attention, not for what it sells, but for who it honors.

On the Big Bend's Wall of Fame are dozens of military soldiers serving our country since September 11, 2001. At first glance they are just photos on a wall, but to the service men and women it's much more.

Store keeper and 1st Class Navy Reservist Hank Vinson says, "It's very reassuring to go and do your duty and come back and be appreciated."

Steve and Ruth Ann Recla have a son serving in the military. His picture is now one of the many that will stand testament to Tallahassee visitors.

Steve Recla's son is serving in the military, and he says, "That's a great idea. It really is. I can't wait for my son, I'm gonna take some pictures and send him or he's gonna come back here for his 30-day leave and I'm gonna bring them up and show them to him. I know it'll make him proud."

Recla's wife Ruth Ann says, "Oh, it's exciting and we're very proud, so proud of him and it's good to see all these other guys’ pictures up there too because there are so many of our sons and daughters over there that I think it's great that they're doing this, really."

There are so many pictures they may not have enough room.

One side of the store is just an empty board, no pictures, and when they held the press conference they were looking for more pictures from soldiers. Within five minutes of the conference they had a CD filled with 1,800 pictures.

There's more to this wall than meets the eye. It's not just honoring soldiers serving our country. It's also showing the public that underneath each camo hard hat is a face belonging to a local family.

If you'd like information on how to get your soldier's picture on the wall, just call Veterans Services at 850-488-9962.