Fighting for Terri's life

Christian groups from throughout the country organized a rally at the Capitol Sunday to show support for efforts to save Terri Schiavo.

The brain-damaged woman’s case has galvanized both sides of the right-to-life verses right-to-die debate.

The Rose Rally for Terri drew hundreds of people from throughout Florida. Several came from out of state, too, including Jesse Engle, who accompanied a group of young people from Washington, DC.

Demonstrator Jesse Engle says, "I believe that this is a crucial situation for our nation where it’s going to be an open door for euthanasia if the plug is pulled on Terri.”

The crowd was peaceful and prayerful, but there were some angry words too directed at the judge who has sided with Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, in his wish to have his wife’s feeding tube removed.

Buddy Smith with the American Family Association says, "Our constitution is being violated by a power-hungry court and a power-hungry judge.”

The crowd screamed and cheered when Terri’s parents took the stage to offer thanks and ask for continued prayers.

Terri's father, Bob Shindler, says, "I beg you all to tell your friends what’s happened. It could open the floodgates.”

Barring any last-minute court rulings or changes in the law, Terri Schiavo's feeding tube is scheduled to be removed Friday.

Her supporters vow to fight for her life to the end, but Florida lawmakers are working on legislation now that could impact the case, and an effort is underway at the federal level as well.

Organizers brought 1,000 long-stemmed roses to symbolize Terri that will be delivered to Florida lawmakers Monday. The roses bear a solemn message: do not feed or water.