Eye Shadow Tips

In a recent poll, 40 percent agreed makeup is used to enhance one's natural attractiveness, but for some of us, the "enhancing part" is what trips us up, so we lined up a local makeup artist to give us the lowdown on eye dos and don'ts.

We asked Jenifer Breedlove how many people are challenged when it comes to enhancing their eyes.

Jenifer says, “A lot, but they can't help it. Many times it's what their mom has taught them or what they saw on TV, and they don't realize that so and so's makeup is not right for them.”

Jenifer says she's got a recipe that almost anyone can follow, so let's get started.

“The first thing I like to do is apply a light concealer to the eyes.”

Followed up by some powder and your eyes are set for makeup. Now for the trio of eye shadow starting with a light shade.

“Just do that whole semi-circle where the crease is.”

Next the dark color is used just above the lid to create depth.

“Create a triangle from the corner of the lid to where we come out.”

And to add a little drama, add a little more, but don't get carried away.

“You don't want to take it too far up to your eyebrows, causing too much darkness.”

Now for the medium tone with a bit of shimmer.

“We'll just go right underneath the brow and blend that over the line.”

We're not done yet. For more definition, grab an eyeliner.

“Just sweeping slightly up, it gives a tail, but also brings the eyes upward.”

Then blend it all together by brushing your dark hue over your eyeliner.

“And that just gives us a nice soft line.”

Finally, add a tad of under eyeliner and your ready for the number one make up mess up, mascara!

“Usually one or two swoops will do it for you, if you let it dry and reapply and reapply again, it's too much, you need a different mascara if you feel you need that much mascara.”