Growth in Sopchoppy

Growth along Florida's Gulf coast is stirring up noise in one sleepy town. Sopchoppy residents aren't keen on the idea of new subdivisions creeping up from Franklin County.

Some call it Mayberry, others call it a sleepy town, but most locals call it paradise.

Matt Howell, a resident, says, “You walk down street with no fear, always run into someone you know.”

In Sopchoppy, Florida, friendly people are as common as the delicious burgers served by KP's Sidewalk Cafe. The owner, Kim Pastor, relies on her business but prefers small town charm to the bustling city.

Kim says, “People say Tallahassee is growing so much that Wakulla County will become the suburbs.”

The problem is this charm appeals visitors, especially those sick of building in home town.

Frank Allen, a newcomer, says, “Tried to get out of Tallahassee, get here where it is peaceful and everything.”

Frank isn't the only newcomer. City officials worry Franklin County's growth will send many residents searching for land in Sopchoppy's back yard. That's why planning is crucial.

Jackie Lawhon, a city clerk, says, “First we'll draw up maps, re-examine zoning in [the] city at this time.”

Time is of the essence when it comes to protecting this peace of heaven. Sopchoppy's city commission plans on holding public meetings about future growth next month.