It's a "Game of Life" for Local Students

Some south Georgia employers are taking a proactive step toward improving the local workforce.

It's not Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, and even though the kids aren't playing for cash and prizes right now, those are the exact things at stake if they don't start making some good decisions now.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County presenter, says, "The program is an excellent opportunity to give them insight to what their salary is going to be like, which will entail their standard of living, their family and whether we have the job they're looking for here in Lowndes County of if they need to think about relocating."

It's called The Game of Real Life, but for Jessica Jones it's a game she's taking quite seriously, especially after presenters shared this fact with her.

Bill Tillman of Valdosta Technical College says, "Unfortunately in south Georgia there's only been one out of five applicants with the right skills and work ethic to get hired."

Jessica Jones says, "That's a big thought in my head right now ‘cause I really need a job and if it’s only 21 percent, I might not be in that 21 percent, so I really need to focus."

It is exactly what this program is trying to do. Employers in the community want these kids to be prepared for a future that's not so far away.

Christina Hughes, a tenth grader at Valdosta High, says, "While I'm trying to go to college or technical school, I'm going to get a job part-time so I can pay for that."

Presenters say it’s a small piece in the large puzzle of life. More than 10 employers from around Lowndes County contribute time and effort to "The Game of Real Life."