Wakulla "Springs!"

Just 20 miles south of Tallahassee lies a hotbed for development, a community bursting with rural flavor and natural beauty, the perfect combination for homeowners looking to escape the busy city.

"We have good crime rate; our school system ranks very high."

Housing costs are low.

John Joubert, a new resident, says, "We looked in Tallahassee, but prices were too expensive. Dollar for dollar, you didn't get a decent house."

In Wakulla County, the average single family home runs from $150,000 to $180,000, a steal of a deal. It's the reason so many residents are moving in and so many developers are eyeing land.

Parrish Barwick, a Wakulla County administrator, says, "At one time we had a couple land use changes a year. Now we're looking at three to four per meeting."

Most recently, county commissioners approved development off Rehwinkle Road; 134 acres slated for 67 new homes.

Wakulla may never see the same tax revenue as Franklin County because of the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. It's a downside for tax revenue but and upside for visitors who embrace Wakulla's coastline.

Ninety percent of it is protected by the federal government. The property appraiser says 78 percent of Wakulla County can't be developed because it's state and federal land.