Man Dead After Apparent Violent Argument With Girlfriend

Family members of a Gadsden County teenager who was stabbed late Saturday night were at the family's home Monday trying to make sense of his death.

His mother says the teenager was looking forward to graduating and moving on with his life.

Sharon Stevens, the mother, says, "He came in the house one day and said, 'mom, dad, I set some goals for when I finish school. I finally made it and I have a little bit of work to do, but I'm getting finished this year; you don't have to worry about me.' "

Now, the family is worried justice may not prevail in this case. Deputies say 19-year-old Anthony Stevens and his girlfriend Anderia Belvis were involved in an altercation at his home when she reached into her car's console and retrieved a knife.

Sheriff Morris Young of the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says, "The girlfriend stated that the boyfriend reached through the window of her car and started pulling her braids and she took a four-inch knife and stabbed him in the chest.”

Young says Belvis was arrested at her home and was released fewer than 24 hours later on a $5,000 bond.

James Stevens, Anthony’s father, says, "She says he pulled her hair. I could give her a $100 to get her hair redone, but if he gave me the rest of money in Quincy, I can't bring my son back. That's the going I'm looking at."

Nineteen-year-old Anthony Stevens was a senior at East Gadsden High School.