Dishing About Nutrition With Carolyn O'Neill

It's back to the old stomping grounds for FSU graduate Carolyn O’Neil. Tuesday the registered dietician spoke to students, recognizing the university's new food merchandising program.

“Their gonna know scientific background on nutrition but they're also going to know the really savvy marketing techniques.”

Speaking of marketing, it also gave the former CNN nutrition reporter a chance to talk about her new book, “The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous.”

“We show you how to dine out, travel, entertain, look great, feel great and control your weight.”

With all of the fads out there, O’Neil says the one thing she keeps hearing from consumers is, don't tell me what's new; tell me what's true.

“Now people are asking different questions about diet, I want to do a healthy lifestyle, but they're not quite sure of what that is.”

Well, it may not be popular, but the FSU grad says it includes counting calories.

“Where we're going in 2005 is actually a step in to the past. Calories do count; calories are making a comeback.”

But the main message O’Neil has for Americans is that we need to erase a common perception, that nutrition is connected with deprivation.

“Nothing could be further from the truth; good nutrition is about enjoying, and sensible portion control.”

O’Neil encourages people to seek advice from a registered dietician or she suggests taking a class on nutrition.